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Leveling-Part 2

When preparing for PCS Piano Examinations, always use the students technical skills as your barometer.  Any student able to play 1 octave scales, along with their cadences, tonic chords and arpeggios, would be classified as Level 1.  Their repertoire might be more advanced, but this is where they should be placed.

For more information you may refer to the PCSPPE Syllabus. 

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Leveling with The Piano Curriculum Series

I was recently asked about the leveling with The Piano Curriculum Series.  We have thirteen levels, beginning with Preparatory, going through Level 12 or High School Diploma.  It is a graduated curriculum, so you might want to think of it in terms of schooling.

The Preparatory Level is for the very first year of study.  Students as young as four years old, but not to exclude those older beginners as young as 94, will benefit from all the material at this level.  During this period of study, students will learn they way around the piano/keyboard, understanding all their major 5-finger scale patterns, playing in both the treble and bass clef and sight-reading within the staff.  If a student is preparing for the PCS Piano Proficiency Examination (PCSPPE), they would want to be comfortable with all the material in The Piano Lesson Companion BookPreparatory Level, along with repertoire from Primer Level method series or any selections marked Early Elementary.  No pre-reading material is accepted during testing.

Next post will talk about Level 1.  Thanks for dropping in!

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Everything is digital

So many items, where to begin!

Well, just know that all of our current products are digital.  For those of you who have purchase digital material in the past-VERY EXCITING NEWS…no longer do you have to deal with LockLizard…YEA!  Everything is integrated into this site and you will be able to download immediately.  I have put the number of pages with each item, so you will know the size of the file.  There is still much work to be done, but we are off and running.