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To print or not to print

All of our material comes to you digitally.  You receive your material and then there is the dilemma of printing.  With the exception of the Piano World Series, all of the other material is not considered consumable, THEREFORE, if you do not want to print, you do not need to.  If your students have an IPad or Tablet, they can just download in the book section and call up when needed.  It is the perfect solution for lost books or books that go MIA.

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Ordering books for students

When ordering our student resource material , it is wise to allow the student to purchase directly.  The Piano Lesson Companion Books and Piano World are large files (36+ pages) and would create a great amount of printing for any teacher.  If the student orders directly, then the printing is on them.  It’s easy to send a page to a student, so they don’t make a mistake.