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To print or not to print

All of our material comes to you digitally.  You receive your material and then there is the dilemma of printing.  With the exception of the Piano World Series, all of the other material is not considered consumable, THEREFORE, if you do not want to print, you do not need to.  If your students have an IPad or Tablet, they can just download in the book section and call up when needed.  It is the perfect solution for lost books or books that go MIA.

2 thoughts on “To print or not to print

  1. I have tried to order for the hard copy of your books in Nigeria but shipping is the problem. Can I get soft copy of those books.

    1. All of our hard copies are restricted to sales in the USA. They will no longer be printed and we do not sell them digitally.
      You can order any of the new material, digitally, as we sell these internationally.
      Please let me know if you need additional information. Elise

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