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I’ve decided to test! What’s next?

“I’ve decided to test with PCS Piano Proficiency Examinations! What’s next?”

Well, you have made a great decision. Here is what you need to do to proceed with the process.

  1. Order the Syllabus & Vocabulary, both found on our website. (
    *They will appear on this page and the Shop page. (…/piano-proficiency-examination/).
    *These are the only materials you need to test. There are other supporting materials that will be helpful, but are not necessities.

2. Once you have downloaded the Syllabus (digital), read through it completely. Of course, if you have any questions, you can contact me directly.

3. The Syllabus contains:
a. Procedures and forms
b. Level requirements
c. Venue suggestions
d. Judges information
e. Student Awards and much more.

4. The Vocabulary (digital) contains:
a. All 13 levels of required vocabulary
b. Each level has 25 words I feel are beneficial for students to know and understand.
c. Students are asked to orally define 4 of those words during their test.
d. I often suggest that students order this as well. They can keep it on their computers and as they advance, they will have all the words at their disposal.

5. Once you are comfortable with all the requirements, it is time to begin working with your students. As you will quickly realize, this isn’t an exam that can be “crammed” or achieved in a short period of time. I designed it to help teachers throughout the year instill solid technical skills, without resistance.

6. As students become comfortable with the progression, they will actually find it easy to move from one level to the next. They understand what is expected and achieve these milestones relatively easy.

The beauty of this test is you can start now and test whenever your students are ready! We test year-round. The majority of exams have set dates or windows of testing. This puts some students (and teachers) into panic mode. With our test, you don’t have those issues. April through June are our most popular months to test, but remember we can and will test July through March.

If you are confused or have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Hope to see you testing soon!

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