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Who Should test with PCS Piano Proficiency Examinations?

Who should test with PCS Piano Proficiency Examinations?


When determining the criteria for testing, I wanted the average student to be successful, if they are “doing their work”. We are all different, but I do believe we all want our students to be competent. Each level moves forward, building on what the student has already accomplished and introduces 1 or 2 new elements. Let me give you two examples.

In Level 1, students are asked to play 1 octave white key scales, hands separately. In Level 2, they are asked to play these scales hands together and are also asked to play the parallel harmonic or natural minor scales (either form is accepted) 1 octave. This is a natural progression for students as they begin playing in minors keys.

Time Signatures are part of the required elements. In Level 2, the students is asked to play one piece in either 3/4 or 3/8 and another piece in 2/2 of 4/4. In Level 3, they build on these and then are ask to include a third piece in either 6/8 or 9/8. By the third year of testing, it is felt that the student should be able to feel the difference between simple and compound meter.

As you can see, each level adds a building block. If you have students who have a difficult time achieving these benchmarks, they can always test every other year.

I have found that even adult students appreciate this exam! Those who like to have their progress measured, understand the simplicity of the grading.

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