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Certified Judges for PPE & Testing Dates

Who is a PCSPPE Certified Judge?

Our judges are teachers who have been teaching many years.  I require all of my judge’s who have private studios to test their students, so they are held accountable on both ends of testing.

Why Certified?

With PCSPPE, you can be assured that your student’s scores will be very consistent, year-after-year.  There are so many testing systems that do not have strict guidelines for their judges.  The testing teacher doesn’t know if the assigned judge is going to be a strict or lenient; consistency is very important to me.     By having my judges recertified bi-annually, we all stay on the same page.  Training sessions occur every two (2) years.

Checks and Balances:

I think the most positive aspect about our judging system is the checks and balances I have incorporated.  Not only do judge’s evaluate students, but our teachers evaluate the judges!  YES, you read that correctly.  I ask every teacher to evaluate his/her judge after each session.  I want to make sure my judges are working at the highest level.  If a judge gets less than stellar reviews on three different occasions, I terminate their contract.

Testing Dates:

When a testing teacher is ready, there is a list of certified judges on our website (  This is the only standardized testing system, to my knowledge, that allows you to select your judge.   My advice is to select your judge PRIOR to selecting your date, especially during peak testing times-April through June.  If you lock in a date and then contact your judge, you might not get your first choice, as they may have other commitments.  I suggest you contact them as early as possible and have them give you several time-frames, then set your dates.



For more information, you can download the free Teacher packet


Or purchase the PCSPPE Syllabus

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