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Why vocabulary?

Why is it important to test students on vocabulary when PCSPPE is a piano proficiency exam?

When devising this test, I tried to include elements that I thought were vital to a student’s education.  Vocabulary was certainly a “no-brainer”.  How can a student play repertoire without understanding the directions the composer has indicated?  Each level of testing has 25 words that students are required to learn.  They are level appropriate and usually appear in the pieces they might be playing.  They include general and piano specific words.

During testing, students will be asked to define, orally, 4 words from their 25 word bank.  They do not have to define exactly and are also allowed to demonstrate if they have difficulties putting into words.  As long as the judge feels confident the student understands the term, they will receive credit.  This section is worth 0-4 points of the test.

In my studio, I have my students study and then we have “pop quizzes” throughout the year.  My students purchase the Complete listing upon entering the studio and then have all the words throughout their studies.

You can find individual levels of vocabulary (through Level 8) in The Piano Lesson Companion Books

You can also find them in Piano World

Piano Curriculum Series

Or you can find the complete list in PCS Piano Proficiency Examinations Vocabulary Words Complete Listing

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