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Testing by Skype and Facetime

YES!  You can test your students long-distance.  This is one of the unique features we offer to our teachers.  Regardless of where you teach, you can test.  All of our certified judges have been trained and are ready to hear your students.  This is especially convenient for teachers living in remote areas or those who do not belong to music teachers groups.

Skeptical?  When this idea came to me, I wondered how it would be received.  I shouldn’t have been, for it is very appealing to so many teachers.  You don’t have to worry about selecting a venue and you can set your own schedule (along with your judge).  It is no different from testing “live”.  The students meet their judge prior to playing and the process begins.  Once the testing is completed, the judge sends the critique sheets back to the teacher.  It’s just that simple.

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