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Setting Goals for Your Students

It is important to set goals for all piano students, whether they are competition bound or are taking for recreation.  Goals do not have to be lofty, just realistic.  Depending on the student, you may want to set short-term goals and with more serious students add long-term.

Short-term goals may include completing an assignment within a given time-frame.  It could also include mastering a technical element or musicianship skill.  Maybe you want them to learn about composers, so you have them do some research.  These are very attainable goals within reach for all students.  Long-term goals may include setting benchmarks for mastering a set of skills or perhaps mastering a large work.  It may also include preparing for an adjudication or competition. 

Let your students actively participate in setting their goals, with you encouraging them to be realistic.  By doing this, you work as a team and students are more likely to accomplish these goals.

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