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I have a very dear friend and colleague  once say to me that the point of learning the piano is all about performance.  I was quite taken aback by this thought and I couldn’t disagree with it more.  Although I do think performance is very important, I don’t think that is why most students take lessons.  The pure joy of playing for yourself is reason enough.  As we approach the holiday season, teachers must be mindful of why their students are taking.  We want to encourage our students to have the confidence to play in public but work with them if they are not.  I only require one recital per year for all of my students, all others are optional.  If you have students who are timid about performing, think of alternative ways for them to share their music and progress.  Perhaps have them do a video or perform in small venues.  Get creative, ask their opinion.  They may never love to perform, but as many other things in life, it is a learning experience.

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