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Introduction to Piano Lessons  The Piano Curriculum Series is now offering a six (6) week course for those who would like to explore piano lessons.  Ages 6-96 may apply.  Keyboard or piano required.  Materials included.  Lessons will be 30 minutes once a week.  Available year-round. 

Music for Little Mozarts is a wonderful program for students aged 4-6.   Students take a fantastic journey with Mozart Mouse, Beethoven Bear and all of their friends to discover the wonders of piano lessons.  An Adult or teen must participate with the student.  *This class is also available for small groups of 3-5 students.

“We were searching for a piano teacher for our five year old son and Ms. Elise came highly recommended from long time friends.  Our son loves her; she works very well with him and helps to keep his focused and motivated by challenging him.  One year later, we have seen tremendous growth and our son contines to remain engaged and excited to learn more.  As one can imagine, teaching a five year old boy classical piano is not easy but Ms. Elise figured it out for our son.  We now see why our friends kept their two sons with her from kindergarten to the end of high school;  we highly recommend her also!”

Lily Phillips

Recreational Piano Lessons for Adults is what most adults want, so we are here to please.  These are on-going lessons throughout the year, with a total of 40 lessons.  Students will learn how to play lead lines and understand bass styles, understand chord structures, and just have fun! *This class is also available for small group of 3-5 students.

“Elise is a very patient and extremely knowledgeable instructor.  I  highly recommend her piano course to any new or returning to piano student.”

Sue Zelko~Adult Student

“Elise taught my 2 children and I am now taking lessons.  My children had special needs and she had a great deal of patience and understand on how to customize their lessons.  My daughter studied for 6 years and my son studied for 12 years.  As they are both grown now, they continue to play for their own enjoyment.  I will always be grateful for what Elise brought into their (and my) lives.”

Susan Alani~Adult Student

Private Piano Lessons for those who like one-on-one instruction.  These are on-going lessons throughout the year, with a total of 40 lessons.  Students will learn how to play the piano and so much more, including theory and music history.  Times are subject to openings.

“My daughter has been learning piano with Ms. Elise since kindergarten, now she’s in the eighth grade and have great passion with piano and music.  We never force her on practice or was capable to teach her at home.  We so enjoyed to listen to her playing piano because she just loved to do so.  Ms. Elise is a great teacher, very professional, and her class with my daughter has always been encouraging, patient, and fun.  During the pandemic time, I would sometimes hear & see her online sessions with Ms. Elise.  Ms. Elise was able to see my daughter’s every key strokes and gave her very effective instructions, as if they were together face-to-face.  There were loads of laughs and cheers the entire session, and of cause great music.  My daughter doesn’t like extra curriculums, but she would want to keep the piano lessons with Ms. Elise forever!”

Yan Jiang


“My kids are with Ms. Elise for 7 years, she is an amazing teacher, kids not only learn piano from her, but also life skills, they are responsible for their own learning!”



“Miss Elise is such a patient and wonderful teacher!  We moved about a year ago to the area and she immediately reached out and was so kind to my daughter who was transitiong to a new piano teacher.  We are thankful for her being so close.  My daughter has certainly improved her piano skills since a year ago and enjoys playing!”

Seema Varghese 

Contact Elise directly at elise@pcspiano.com