In 2004, I wrote a series of books called The Piano Lesson. These books were designed to assist students in their lessons and be a musicianship 5-in-1 book. They contained assignment sheets, scales, theory drills, vocabulary and music appreciation; students all over the country and abroad starting using them to much success. Several years later, I added Piano World, which was an accelerated series. Things were going along nicely, but there was something missing.

Like many of you, I had become disillusioned with the testing systems in the market. I had tried many of them, but none seemed to work the way that I wanted. In 2011, I designed a piano proficiency exam and tested it on my students. My dear friend, Doris Lum-Meyer (now deceased) agreed to come and judge. We were learning together. After the session, we both were very excited about the results. Because this test was based on numbers, there was no way the judge could alter her original opinions. It was truly amazing! The students were also pleased & stunned by their strengths and weaknesses. I did some tweaking, trained 3 judges and we went into the Houston (Texas-USA) piano community. And so it began.

Fast forward to 2016! We are growing at a nice steady pace, which actually makes me happy. It gives me time to adjust to situations that pop up; most recently concerning the long-distance testing. Each year we are adding teachers and they are so excited to have this option. It is with all of this, that my company has changed focus.

All of my former materials have been re-written to support the musicianship phases of Piano Curriculum Series (PCS) Piano Proficiency Examinations (PPE). They can also be used without testing, however! Each book is a great addition to any lesson, regardless of age. I am also doing some arranging of classical pieces that address some of the required elements in the lower levels.

This is my passion! Sometimes it sneaks up on you without even knowing it was there. It is so important for piano students to have goals. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

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