Curriculum Syllabus

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This is a comprehensive curriculum to insure a well-rounded piano and music education.  The file is downloadable and virtual.  It cannot be copied or printed.

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The Piano Curriculum Series Cornerstones has been designed to assist piano teachers and their students with a graduated system of learning through twelve years of study.  Each level (with the exception of Preparatory), is intended to cover forty-fifty weeks of lessons during a calendar year.  Musicianship skills, music appreciation/history, repertoire and theory will be covered.  The intent of this curriculum is to prepare a student to enter college/university level studies if so desired.

The areas that will be covered in this curriculum will include:  Music Appreciation and Music History, Musicianship,  Repertoire,  Theory

Optimum standards will be address at each level.  In each level, the new material that is introduced will be highlighted in yellow.  It is advised that the student comprehends and masters each level before advancing to the next.


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