Preparatory Level, The Piano Lesson Companion Book

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Includes scales*, sight reading-transposition and vocabulary.

*All major 5-Finger

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Introductory level for beginners of all ages!

May be used for students as young as 4 years old.

Beginning students preparing for PCSPPE will find this book invaluable!

Contains all Major 5-Finger Scales, Sight-Reading & Transposition and Vocabulary


34 pages


2 reviews for Preparatory Level, The Piano Lesson Companion Book

  1. Ann

    If you are a piano teacher of beginner students, and you want to ensure that you provide them with a thorough grounding in their lessons, this book is an absolute treasure . It will enable you to teach in a structured,logical manner, without you having to do all the planning. Thanks are due, in no small measure, to Elise for doing it for you!

  2. Susan

    This book is perfect for beginner students to get a solid foundation in all aspects of learning piano. My favorite part is the relaxation exercises as we don’t stress that enough in our teaching. Thank you Elise for a fantastic companion book !!

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