Ellen Calvi

Thank you, Elise….you have taken piano lessons and brought them up to the professional level they deserve.  I am grateful to you because you have given me the confidence to begin my piano studio again here in Northwest Montana.

Ellen Calvi

Ametra Edwards

I have been using The Piano Curriculum Series for 3 years now and am grateful at the success and progress of each of my students.  The Piano Curriculum Series organized the lessons for you so all you need to do is follow the curriculum.  What I like most is the variety of music elements being taught; from Music History to Technique, concepts you don’t typically have time to teach in a private piano setting.  It is student-friendly, parent-friendly, and most importantly, teacher-friendly enabling all participants an opportunity to understand what’s going on in the lesson and what needs to be done to progress.  The Piano Curriculum Series has saved my lessons and I have seen the benefits I using this curriculum!

Ametra N. Edwards

Loving Music Studio

Dennis Alexander, Composer

The Piano Lesson series is truly one of the most superior organizational tools I have ever seen! Every level, from primer through Grade 12, is thoughtfully outlined and includes EVERYTHING a well-rounded musician should know at every step along the way. I’m particularly impressed with the attention given to technical development, theory, vocabulary and basic music history. All teachers, regardless of experience, will find these books to be an invaluable asset to their teaching studio.”

Dennis Alexander, Composer/Clinician/Teacher

Alfred Publishing Company, Inc.

Alicia Shirley, Instructor of Piano Pedagogy, University of Houston

Dear Elise,

I just want to write and tell you how wonderful it was this last semester to have your books for my piano pedagogy class. They are a perfect guideline for aspiring and/or inexperienced teachers who are unsure of the best order of progression in the students’ learning process and how to implement it in the weekly lesson. Even though I teach my pedagogy students all of the important concepts in teaching, they were very excited to have a written lesson plan guide that they could easily decipher and follow. I know that these books will be a most beneficial addition to the University of Houston Moores School of Music library and thank you again for the time and effort you have put into writing them.


Alicia Shirley, Instructor of Piano Pedagogy

Karen F. – Sugar Land, Texas

I have been teaching for over 30 years and am thrilled with The Piano Lesson! It is so convenient to have several books melded into one. My students like the idea of having fewer books to keep up with and they don’t misplace their binders. The Scale portion of the book is my favorite. The order in which they are laid out is not only logical, but also practical. It is great that in the lower levels they are written out in both letters and on the staff. It reinforces all the basics. I find that the organization of this material has helped keep me focused during the year and gets everything covered. Several of my student’s parents are schoolteachers. They have commented that they really appreciate these books. It helps them understand what their child is learning over the course of the school year.

I would highly recommend The Piano Lesson to any piano teacher, experienced or novice. It has made my lessons more complete, less stressful and more organized.

Susan Hines, Professor of Music, Houston Community College, Central Campus

As a piano/music instructor for almost 20 years, The Piano Lesson is one of the most thorough, versatile, and well-written texts on the market. I love it because I can use it with the very young as well as on the college level with my private and group piano students. The wide scope of material allows me to utilize it in my Music Fundamentals, Ear Training and Music Appreciation classes as well. It is the perfect supplemental text for all ages and levels and most of all, the students love the practical approach and progression of the material. DEFINITELY A FIVE STAR RATING.