Our Curriculum

A comprehensive program, the Piano Curriculum Series  covers thirteen (13) levels, Primer Level through Level 12.  Each level consists of musicianship, music history and appreciation, theory and repertoire suggestions.  The levels are designed to assist the progress and success for all piano students.  There are currently 3 teacher manuals (syllabi) with lesson plans and supporting student material.

“Elise taught both of my son’s.  My eldest took for 6 years, but he wanted to study voice.  My youngest son studied with Elise for 13 years.  Both boys went on to major in music.  The oldest has a Master’s Degree from Julliard in Vocal Performance.  The younger son has a Master’s Degree in Chamber Music (piano) from the University of Michigan and is planning on perusing a DMA this upcoming fall.  Elise has great patience and foresight as to what each student needs.  I highly recommend her as a piano teacher. “

Susan H.

The Syllabus

Teachers and students alike will appreciate having this material that maps out the curriculum.  It covers all thirteen levels (Preparatory through Level 12) 

“My children (Aaron and Reece) were Elise’s students from the time they were 5 years old through high school graduation.  Elise is an amazing teacher who not only inspired my children to love music but also helped them become fine musicians.  She made music fun and educational for them and the love and encouragement she gave my children will always stay with them throughout their lives.  THE PIANO CURRICULUM SERIES is very well organized with steps to help students succeed.  They taught students so much from the basics to a more complex levels.  They included so much details and variety of topics from technical, theory, vocabulary, etc. that helped my children develop their skills as they progressed through the years.  Words cannot express fully how grateful we are for you, Elise for being our children’s Piano teacher and for being their mentor who has always been there for them through the years.

Lan Bedee


Primer Level

The Piano Lesson Companion Book Preparatory Level        Piano World Level 1A and 1B

                                                                               Theory Evaluation Preparatory Level

Level 1

The Piano Lesson Companion Book Level 1                                               Piano World Level 2A and 2B

                                                                               Theory Evaluation Level 1

Level 2

The Piano Lesson Companion Book Level 2                                                        Piano World 2B

                                                                                 Theory Evaluation Level 2

Level 3

The Piano Lesson Companion Book Level 3                        Piano World 3A and 3B     

                                                                                  Theory Evaluation Level 3

Level 4

The Piano Lesson Companion Book Level 4                                            Piano World 4A and 4B

                                                                                     Theory Evaluation Level 4

Level 5

The Piano Lesson Companion Book Level 5                              Theory Evaluation Level 5

Level 6

The Piano Lesson Companion Book Level 6                              Theory Evaluation Level 6

Level 7

The Piano Lesson Companion Book Level 7                              Theory Evaluation Level 7

Level 8

The Piano Lesson Companion Book Level 8                               Theory Evaluation Level 8

Levels 9 ~ 12

Scales                                                                         Chords and Cadences                                                   Arpeggios

Theory Evaluation Level 9                                                                                                Theory Evaluation Level 10

Theory Evaluation Level 11                                                                                              Theory Evaluation Level 12